Project: C470 and Santa Fe

Denver, CO C470 and Santa Fe Site Plan

Location: Northeast corner of C-470 and Santa Fe Both sides of Erickson Blvd Littleton, Colorado

Goldberg Properties Entity: Mark Goldberg and Grant Nelson are individual members of an LLC and control 66.66% of ownership. Doug Antonoff controls 33.33%. The LLC is QCC, LLC.

Style of Project: Wal-Mart Project with on approximately 18 acres in an option contact the balance of the project will be a retail and hospitality project on approximately 11.5 acres.

Size: Approximately 275,000 square feet

Total Project Cost: $12,500,000.00

Land Area: 29.63 Acres

Substantial Completion: Mid 2009

C470 and Santa Fe Aerial

Description: The 30-acre property is a highly visible piece of property wedged in-between C-470 and County Line Road just to the east of Santa Fe Boulevard. This site not only serves the southern portion of Littleton but also serves the Western half of Highlands Ranch and the smaller community of Roxborough.